Welcome to South Salem Little League!

Registration for Spring 2017 is now open!

Tryouts for Baseball (AAA and up.) will be at the Judson Middle School Main gym.

*All players must check in and verify required documents in the Cafeteria to receive tryout number*

**Baseball only: Returning players from Majors, 50/70, and Juniors NOT wanting to move up to the next level do not need to tryout **

Tryouts are drop in and the player is only required to come to one of the three days.

February 25 6:00-8:30

February 26 10:00-4:00

March 5: 1:30-4:30

Get 20% off throughout the Salem Dick’s store March 11-12

Thanks to Deanies Wienies Hot Dog Co. for providing concessions at Judson since the 2016 season!

Visit them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/DeaniesWienies

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Our rainout phone number is 503-428-3729 (outgoing messages only, incoming messages will not be checked). That number will inform you about the fields at Judson, Leslie and Turner. SSLL teams playing at other fields need to check with the host league.

Go to our calendar here. There you can add our calendar to your Google Calendar by clicking the + icon in the bottom right corner.

Make sure your bat is approved!
Little League keeps a list of approved bats. See the list here: http://www.littleleague.org/learn/equipment/baseballbatinfo.htm.

Next board meeting:  at the Phoenix Inn on S. Commercial St.

Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook! Our rainout phone number is 503-428-3729.

Please send questions or comments to southsalemll@gmail.com